Very helpful and informative coaches

Justin T

My experience with the assessment was great! My son can take a while to warm-up in a new environment, but he took tot he coaches well and was eager to commit to the training. The coaching staff provided us with practical feedback, explaining key focus areas for his training and development. So we’re all signed up and look forward to seeing his progress.


Presented well, professional approach with dedication.

New parent

A lot of constructive feedback to the boys. Shows that the coaches are interested.

New parent

Constant communication and feedback, thorough drills and training.

James K

No feedback needed. Really happy with the training with my son. Great coaching.

Mesul K

This is a very good program to help players achieve their goals. The coach giving full attention to each player and that help them to improve their skills.

Ishaq P

This is a very good long term development program. I love it because it runs all through the year.


Great quality training with technical skills.


The training is good in regard with skills development.