2nd Olympiacos Melbourne player, who started at our Helping Kids Football Centre, starts his Euro pro career

Further to the exciting news we have been able to share about Cristina Garcia, we would like to announce that FK Tauras of Lithuania has agreed to accept Ahmed Almajidy into their team.

FK Tauras, who play professionally in 3rd division Lithuania, were informed of the recent arrival of our Olympiacos Melbourne player, Cristhian to FK Minija. Following the positive impression he gave them, FK Tauras were also willing to also trial a player from Olympiacos Melbourne. As an Australian player, it has been clear that obtaining a pro Euro contract has been extremely difficult, as the strength of the Australian player biography is quite weak. Cristhian’s signing at FK Minija greatly assisted the opportunity for Ahmed and other Olympiacos Melbourne players to trial.

Originating in our Helping Kids Football Centre, Ahmed seeker a place of refuge and peace, where he was able to find a place to belong. Olympiacos Melbourne assisted him whilst teaching him football. As he improved, he proceeded to the Olympiacos Melbourne Football centre, followed by the Euro pro pathway that inevitably led to this opportunity.

During his professional European trial, Ahmed put to display all that he has learned at Olympiacos Melbourne. The coach and his team were impressed by his performance and chose to make him a part of their team.

Ahmed is now training with the team in preparation of this first match.

“It’s the best thing I could’ve done”, said Ahmed as we interviewed him prior to his departure from Melbourne. Ahmed retained his composure from departure all the way through to his trial, where he made every effort to contain his nerves, that would jeopardise this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ahmed continues to praise the Olympiacos Melbourne football philanthropy, acknowledging that he would not have been able to afford this opportunity via traditional means.

We are honoured and thrilled to assist Ahmed in his journey and look forward to seeing him live playing his first match.

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