Fully funded Euro pro trip awarded to this football player who started at our Helping Kids Football Centre

It is with great pleasure we announce the first ever fully funded Olympiacos Melbourne Euro pro trip, after an identification from one of our European counterparts.

Kelemen Dominic, 16, has been part of the Olympiacos Melbourne Football Philanthropy for 2 years. After arriving as a refugee from South Sudan 5 years ago with his siblings, Kelemen seeked to build a new life in Australia.

Kelemen joined our Olympiacos Melbourne Helping Kids Football Centre. It was a perfect blend for him to improve via his love for soccer whilst combining it with finding a place of refuge and peace. This assisted his ability to regain self confidence, whilst tuning his skills.

Throughout this period, Kelemen’s confidence blossomed, as he experienced the care and never give up on you attitude by his coaches. On completion at the Helping Kids Football Centre, Kelemen continued to the Football Improvement Centre. He continued through our initiatives until completing our junior Euro pathway, where we was identified.

We shared our excitement with the staff at St. Johns Regional College, who, in this scenario are not only who’s facility we hire, but are also proud to have Kelemen as their student.

“Since beginning with us at St John’s Regional College, Kelemen has been nothing short of a wonderful role model for all our students.”, said Shelley. “He has a friendly and cheerful disposition and is often seen with a big smile on his face. Kelemen threw himself straight into all aspects of the College, being selected as a House Student Representative for his year level and representing the College at interschool Cross Country (where he set a new record for his age group).”

Shelley and Kelemen’s teachers were so happy to receive this news and can’t wait to share with the rest of the school. “His can-do attitude and maturity will see him achieve great things in his future. We are so proud of Kelemen.”

We are so proud of person, not only for his achievement on the field, but also his positive attitude. We have always seen a person who smiles and is always grateful for whatever he has received. We are truly honoured that he would be given such an opportunity that could change his life for the better.

Kelemen’s has received a once in a lifetime opportunity whereby he has received an all expenses paid trip to Portugal. On arrival, our European representative will spend the first week assisting Kelemen to adjust from the flight as well as prepare for his training.

In the following weeks, Kelemen will train with youth players at some of Europe’s best football academies. Players who excel at these academies are given the opportunity to play European Champions League games at a young age, allowing their player biography to excel exponentially.

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