3rd Olympiacos Melbourne player, who started at our Helping Kids Football Centre, also starts their Euro pro career

In addition to the news we were honoured to share about Ahmed Almajidy, it brings us great pleasure to also share the wonderful news that Jack Yosif has also been selected to play for FK Minija.

In this very rare occasion, Jack and Ahmed have managed to remain as teammates as they’ve transitioned from being Australian players to now being recognised as pro Euro players. This has given us a unique opportunity to display to Europe that Olympiacos Melbourne is able to help many players and are able to bring out the best of everyone.

Jack started at the Olympiacos Melbourne Helping Kids Football Centre, a judgement free zone that allowed him find his identity and get into a healthy lifestyle. From this, he went through our initiatives until he completed the men’s Euro pro pathway, which inevitably led to this success story.

Jack is another presentation of the Olympiacos Melbourne program to our European counterparts. His display and performance has also given us more credibility in Europe, allowing us to make it easier to transfer players to Europe.

We wish Jack all the best in the start of his European career. To follow Jack and games of other Olympiacos Melbourne players in Europe, please like and follow our Olympiacos Melbourne Facebook page.

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