Helping Kids Initiative launched by Olympiacos Melbourne

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE         30/03/2022

As an advocate for kids health and fitness, Olympiacos Melbourne have taken the steps to further assist kids in Melbourne by launching the Helping Kids Initiative.

“Following the events of the previous 2 years, we found a number of kids that wee being priced out of health and fitness services.” said Frank Mihalopoulos. “We saw the need to create this initiative to help them the kids return to a healthy lifestyle and bring the kids back to their bright and bubbly selves”.

The Helping Kids Initiative endeavours to be a safe learning environment for all kids aged 5 to 18+ years of age. This initiative helps all kids, irrespective of their current sporting abilities.

“Kids now have the opportunity to train up to 4 days a week for only $29 per week. This allows parents to select any number of days they wish whilst knowing that inability to attend all sessions still ensures they get value for money.” Frank noted.

“We welcome all kids regardless of their fitness levels and sporting abilities”, said Steve Papadopoulos. “Over the past 6 months, we designed and prepared this initiative to be able to get the best possible price and return affordability back to the parents. Many parents have now been priced out of the health and fitness market. Our solution here is to be able to give them the ability again, but offering prices that couldn’t even be delivered over 10 years ago”. Steve further stated “In addition to this, we’ve made it even more affordable by the creation of group bookings. By parents getting their children and their friends children together, we will further discount the weekly fee by $10 each student. The prices are now unprecedented”

After having a track record of improving kids for 16 years, Olympiacos Melbourne became recognised by Olympiacos FC not only for their ability to achieve results, but for their ability to accept everyone and work with them. Olympiacos Melbourne is all inclusive and didn’t trial players. The launch of their Helping Kids Initiative ensured that the methodology is made more accessible to everyone.

Press Contact: Steve Papadopoulos



Ph: 8592 0162

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